Bikers are like Geese…

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about Canadian Geese and how they watch out closely for one another (see June 25, 2013 post: How is Your Organization Proliferating).  I see now how bikers (motorcycle enthusiasts) handle situations similarly to geese…

A group of five of us took off on our Harleys last Sunday and headed from Minnesota to Branson Missouri to hang out in the Ozarks over the 4th of July.  We had beautiful weather and the scenery was incredible as we rode around the Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas.  Then we hit  our final run through the Pig Trail (close to Ozark AR) to head back up to our cabin by Branson MO.  The reason they call this the Pig Trail is because of the curves and switchbacks on this scenic road (think pig’s tail…)

My husband and I were taking up the rear of our three bike formation when we were slowly taking a switchback curve and the foot peg scraped on the road during our lean, letting us know our lean was a little too deep.  We slowly were pulled towards the ditch so my husband instinctively put his left foot down off his footboard to try to steady us back onto the tar when his foot caught a root and “POP” went his lower leg… we tipped over in slow motion.  We knew that he had broken his leg so I immediately called 911 to get him transported to the closest emergency facility.

Our friends realized we were not taking up the tail behind them so they turned around and came back to our rescue.  As I rode off in an ambulance to transport my hubby to the nearest emergency room (I am using the term nearest a bit facetiously…), our friends stayed with our bike to ensure it was safety transported by the local towing service.

My husband and I ended up in Fayetteville AR,  our bike ended up south of Ozark AR,  and our friends rode the two hour ride back to our cabin in Branson MO…

The news from the emergency room physician was not good – my husband needed surgery and the recommendation was to set the bone (OUCH) and splint the leg so I could transport him back to Minnesota to have the surgery.  So off we went at midnight in a rental car for a 3 hour car ride through the Ozarks back to our cabin in Missouri… to say my mind was whirling is an understatement… I just could not connect the dots on how to coordinate getting  our bike (which was three hours or so to the south of our cabin) and getting my husband comfortably transported back to Minnesota so he could have the surgery to his leg.

Lack of sleep… anxiety… not being in control… it all added up to one major meltdown!

My biker flock came to the rescue and surrounded my husband and I with total support.  Much like a goose who is injured during flight, our friends dropped out of formation to stay with us and ensure not only my husband’s safety but also our bike’s safety in getting back to Minnesota.  Most of all,  they did not judge me when I went through the stages of anger and sadness over the whole situation.  They took charge when I could not think clearly…

What I learned on this trip is this:

  1. People from Missouri are some of the nicest people I have ever met.
  2. People from Arkansas are also some of the nicest people I have ever met.
  3. My husband and I have chosen our friends wisely.
  4. Bikers and Canadian Geese have a lot in common


There will be times in my life when I will not have all of the answers and it is okay to allow others to support me and take control…

How difficult is it for you to give up control and allow others to lead?

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