Underwhelmed:  The antonym of overwhelmed

I tend to be one of those people who puts a boatload of stuff on my plate and then I get kind of crazy when I do not feel like I can carry out everything I commit myself to (hear that … what I commit myself to…?).  On Sunday,  it was all about Oh no, I am going on vacation in less than two weeks… I have blogs to write, a corporate job to attend to, coaching clients to meet with,  emails to read, tasks to complete for my coaching business, exercise (that would be swimming, biking, running… oh yeah, and yoga)… a refrigerator to clean out… clothes to wash and dry… car to fill with gas and get washed… and then the real necessities like getting a manicure/pedicure and watching Long Island Medium…

Does it sound like I err on the side of overwhelming myself with responsibilities and tasks?

Fortunately,  I had a chance to  discuss my overwhelming “to do” list with a coach and to work on developing my action plan on how I could focus on the critical items that need to be accomplished before my vacation.  I want to be able to get on the back of that Harley and have a clear mind  so I can be fully present with my husband and friends during our 10-day bike trip to the Ozarks.

This is what I learned by working with my coach:  I really only have a couple of things that are priorities for me and what I feel like I HAVE to get done before I head out on vacation.  One item is to write four blog posts ahead of time so that I can still publish two blogs per week while on vacation.  The second task is to interview and hopefully find the right candidate to make a job offer for the administrative position that I am currently hiring.

Once  my coach started asking me some questions and I was able to process my thoughts out loud, my coach said she noticed that I sounded lighter… less burdened.  I did feel lighter … I was underwhelmed in a positive way.

I now have a plan that is perfectly doable:

  1. Write two extra blog post drafts each week prior to my vacation.
  2. Interview the candidates that have applied for the administrative position by the end of this week.
  3. If a great candidate is found for the open position I am hiring, a job offer will be made before my vacation.

Doesn’t sound all that overwhelming does it?

When have you underwhelmed yourself?

Have you ever helped someone become underwhelmed?

2 thoughts on “Underwhelmed…

  1. Ha ha this is me in a nut shell always overwhelmed by all the things I have to do but not sure what are the most important…

    1. Amy,

      Thanks for reading my post! I think there are many of us who get in that overwhelming stage just because we love to be involved in so much and everything is important in one way or another. I have found for me (an external thinking type) that talking it out with someone always helps me going back to being “underwhelmed”.

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