Humor with Heart: The Comedic Coach


Today was a great day.  I went to a Workers Compensation seminar for the whole day…I mean really… how great of day is that? I know, I know… you are all a wee bit jealous that you could not spend the day totally focused on speakers talking about litigation management… mediating a work comp claim… or making a liability decision…

In all honesty,  today was a fantastic day because I visited with old colleagues, chatted it up with folks I do business with,  and  I was able to visit with Louie Anderson – comedian extraordinaire!  Okay,  Louie did most of the talking… from a stage… but I did get a chance to visit with him briefly (okay… briefly equates to two sentences).  Our conversation went like this: (Me) “Is it alright if I write about you in my blog?” (Louie) “Sure… and send it to me at Louie Anderson at and I will repost it”… so Louie… here you go!

Louie hails from our great State of Minneeesooota, so when he started his conversation from the stage, it was like sitting down with a family member who had been long gone and now was back home… center stage… making us laugh… at being Minnesotan… at our families… and at ourselves.

Louie’s stand up routine today was based on his book The F Word: How to Handle Family.  He spoke of being one of eleven children in a family who was very poor.  He spoke of his mom… he spoke of his dad… he spoke of his siblings… and he spoke about himself.  Louie is a successful comedian but his humor definitely came with a price.  The price of growing up in a family that had its share of dysfunction and the pain that accompanied it.

Louie is a professional comedian but today he was a coach.  A coach who spoke of creating forward movement in his own life. A coach who encouraged all of us to let go of the past and accept where we come from… accept our family… and accept ourselves.  A coach who encouraged us to be forgiving and reminding us to laugh at ourselves for just a bit.

If you have never seen Louie do his stand up routine – you should.  Louie enjoyed his act almost as much as we did… he giggled at his own humor and there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone enjoy themselves… someone who laughs at their own jokes… it’s contagious and you will be giggling like a school kid in church before you know it!

I bought Louie’s book today and will be reading it as soon as I shut down my computer because I read the first chapter Fatal Mistake (almost) and I know that this book was written with purpose… Louie is sharing his story so that all of us can maybe learn a thing or two about dealing with our families… and our past… to create a transformation of who we were to who we want to be.

To Louie… thank you.  Thank you for sharing your story.  Thank you for being real.  Thank you for your humor. Thank you for sharing your heart.

How have you been able to move forward and accept your past so you can create a powerful future?

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