I am woman…

Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant.  It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”  ~ Georgia O’ Keeffe


I spent a little time with some extremely accomplished women this week… smart, poised, confident women.

One woman heads up an airport – did you know that several airports in the U.S. are run by women?  Makes sense to me because women are excellent multi-taskers and most women  I know start out running a very difficult business – the business of running their homes.

Running a home requires Mom to be the financially savvy as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – to be able to stretch those paychecks to pay all of the household bills through intense scrutiny of where the dollars are going and ensuring the budget is adhered to as best as possible.

Running a home requires Mom to be a Human Resources superstar:  she has to lead  performance management with the kids to ensure they finish they homework, get good grades,  make their beds,  clean their room and take out the garbage.  She also has to be skilled in organizational development by encouraging the children to be engaged in activities that will help them grow and develop (whether it be sports, music, dance or playing in the sandbox with friends).

I was very fortunate in being born into a family of strong women… my grandmother was one of the savviest money managers I have ever met – she sold the farm back in the 60’s for $50,000 and invested it. When she died thirty years later,  that money was still untouched.  A woman who never went to college – just imagine what she could have done with more education and opportunity to tap into her natural financial business acumen.

I have two niece-in laws who have just finished their schooling to be doctors – one a Doctor of Chiropractic,  another a Doctor of Medicine.  I have another niece-in-law who is finishing her doctorate in education.  My daughter finished her Masters in Library Science last year.  I am excited to watch them begin their careers and I hope they take every opportunity to:

1.  Continue to learn in both formal and informal settings.


2.  Take risks… to succeed requires taking the path less travelled at times.

3.  Find and work with a mentor.  Most accomplished women love to share and support others.

4.  Follow their heart (passion).  Find what you love to do and do it.  Even if you are working in the not ideal job at this time, find those areas within that job that impassion you and run with it.

5.  Remember that hard work does pay off

To my daughter, my daughter-in-laws, my nieces, my niece-in-laws, and my granddaughter –   I hope someday someone will walk away from spending time with you and they say:

“I spent a little time with some extremely accomplished women this week… smart, poised, confident women.”

Who are some of the accomplished women in your life and why?

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