Good vs. Evil


Today is another one of those days that is unfathomable… how could anyone be so cold-hearted to plant bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon?  Per Random House Webster’s Dictionary, Evil is “1. morally wrong or bad; wicked… 6. something causing injury or harm”. To be honest, these definitions cannot fully describe what true evil is when we witness this type of horror.

Good is described by Webster’s as “morally excellent; virtuous.”  Again,  I find that the definition cannot fully describe what true goodness is when we witness it…

I saw pure goodness this weekend when I was honored to be a volunteer at a Grief Camp for children and their families.  There were children who had experienced mommy dying… , some where daddy had died.  There were children who no longer have a sibling because their brother or sister had died.  The deaths occurred for a myriad of reasons but none of that really mattered… these children were at some stage of grief because someone they loved is no longer on this earth with them.

How did I see pure goodness?  I saw it when a teenage boy walked over to console a young child sobbing because his mommy had died.  The teenager got down on floor level and just talked to this tiny child… not a moment of hesitation because he knew the pain this child was going through…he was going through it himself because his dad had died.

I saw adults reach out to strangers with comfort because they too knew the pain due to the death of a child or a spouse or a grandchild.  I saw hugs,  I saw smiles,  I saw tears.  I also heard laughter and the deep wailing of sorrow.  I saw the beginning of some healing…

My heart, my love and my prayers go out to all of those affected by what can only be described as the most evil of acts…taking an innocent person’s life for reasons that are beyond any rational explanation that one could ever think of.

I pray that everyone touched by this tragedy is able to witness pure goodness like I just did this weekend…

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