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start line race for cure 2012

“Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the ‘right stuff’ to turn our dreams into reality.” ~James Womack

Vision: noun\ˈvi-zhən\

Merriam-Webster  Dictionary  a vision is “a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination”.  Last year a vision started to form within my imagination…a vision of bringing a small business community together to support a fund-raising event for my Race For the Cure team that I am co-captain of.

My vision began when a friend died from breast cancer in October 2011 and I decided the following Spring that I wanted to run my first 5K in honor of my friend Kimmy Kay at our local Race For the Cure.  I shared my vision with a co-worker who has walked the Susan G. Komen three-day event for several years (her friend is a survivor) and before I knew it,  we had started a team within our organization and we were on our way with our first fundraising event.   Over six short weeks,  we successfully pulled off a fashion show (with cancer survivors as our models), a “trunk” show  with a local celebrity designer, and a silent auction with more donations from businesses that we ever had imagined!  We raised funds that exceeded our expectations for our first year as a team.

Fast forward to this year…I had a vision of making this a much bigger event and getting more of the local businesses involved so we could really draw in the crowds and create more interest within our local downtown small business community which has struggled to compete against the large national chains that have moved into the area over the years.  We are now well on our way to triple the number of attendees from last year and the energy among the local business owners is increasing as I am gaining more and more businesses committing to be involved.

So what are the components of my vision that make others interested in joining me to achieve it?

  1. It is about making a difference. Most human beings want to make a positive impact over the course of their lives.
  2. It is not about serving a sole individual’s interests but benefits the group as a whole.
  3. It cannot be accomplished alone. It requires tapping into the strengths and talents of many, allowing everyone to be engaged and in action.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed, the Vision pulls you.”

~Steve Jobs

What are some other components of a Vision that move people to action to reach it?

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