Spring forward…and back…


“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush”.

~Doug Larson~

Spring is here (at least that is what it says on the calendar).  One day the sun will be shining brightly and clear blue skies welcome us as we step outside and then… we wake up to another new day consisting of dreary grey skies greeting us as we peek out the window to see what the weather holds in store for us again.

For those of us who live in areas where we experience snowy winters that melt into Spring, we combat the erratic weather changes by:

  1. Wearing layers – to warm us up or to cool down
  2. Putting on shoes or boots that will keep our feet warm and dry as we maneuver around and through slushy sidewalks and roads
  3. Cocooning in our cozy homes when the weather is wreaking havoc on our roads (and psyche)
  4. Cracking jokes with a bit of sarcasm to humor our way through the days of transition to warmer weather and rain versus snow.

Transitions…some are fantastic and others frankly suck…

I think we can combat the erratic changes in our life transitions by using some of the same concepts that we do when the weather changes:

  1. Layer up with friends and family.  Surround ourselves with people who can warm us up and help us feel good about ourselves and where we are at.  A strong support system can not only warm us up but also help us to cool down when we are getting a bit hot with frustration or anger.
  2. Pull on or lace up your boots and go for a walk…a little exercise goes a long way in helping us think clearly and creates calm.
  3. When our mental skies become a bit grey,  go ahead and cocoon at home.  Spend some time relaxing…watch a movie…read a book…play a game…soak in a hot tub…whatever it is that can provide you with a sense of calm for a hours.  Sometimes an hour or two of mental reprieve can make a world of difference on a longer term outlook.
  4. Smile…laugh…even if it feels fake, research shows that even if you fake it (happiness),  you can make it.

How do you handle life transitions?  Do you have a special “go to” cure for the springtime blues?

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