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friendship quote with rose 3_2013I went to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night and as drove home,  I thought about what a great thing it is to have friends.  Then I woke up Sunday morning and did my usual ritual…, I watched the CBS Sunday Morning Show and what do you think was one of the topics?  Friendships (…surprise) – how weird is that?  I am starting to think I have special powers to predict what is going to show up on TV!

My friend who had his birthday celebration is surrounded by awesome friends.  There were so many smiles,  the conversation flowed freely and everyone was so relaxed… and… I only knew one other person in a houseful of people.  I literally walked into a party in which I knew that I was probably not going to know more than one or two people at the most (and that is not my M.O.) because I wanted to celebrate my friend.  What I learned that night was this: My friends’ friends are the kind of people I want to hang around with!

One the Mayo Clinic website (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/friendships/MH00125) there is a great article on friendships.  The article talks about how “Good friends are good for your health”.  How can friendships make us healthy?  Here are a few thoughts on friendships:

  1. Friendships are healthy because they are a support during emotional times in our lives…the good…the bad…and the ugly.
  2. Friends make us feel better about ourselves.  They build up our confidence in who we are because no one would be friends with a loser would they?
  3. Friends are great stress relievers…, we can laugh and we play with friends.
  4. Friendships may ebb and flow depending on where we are at in our lives.  As we move into various stages of our lives,  we may lose contact for a while with old friends and we will being friendships as we meet new people through work, school or play.
  5. Hanging out with happy friends will help us be happy.  Happiness breeds happiness. Positivity breeds positivity.

As our children have grown,  my husband and I have re-connected with old friends and the amazing thing about friendship is that it never goes away.  Isn’t it fantastic how you may not see an old friend for years but as soon as you meet up with each other again, it feels like it was just yesterday”?  I am really enjoying my time now with friendships that began in highschool.  We still have the common bonds that brought us together so many years ago…

I have made new friends too – I have my Facebook “Friends”, those many friends who I only knew casually before I became a Facebooking Fanatic and now we have become true friends… they have become my cheerleaders… my inspiration… my heroes and heroines.  We shed tears for each other and we celebrate the wins.  I have met new friends through on-line classes I have taken.  I have made incredible friendships through work. I am making new friends as I raise funds in my fight against breast cancer.

As I have watched my mother and her friends nurture their friendships for 60 and 70 years,  I do believe:

True Friendships Last Forever…

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friends…

  1. I always think about the people in my life and how fortunate I am to have stumbled across such great people. Random acts of kindness are always nice so friends know they are appreciated 🙂

    1. Cathy,

      Thank you for the comment and I can so relate to your response. I just had the experience tonight of meeting an old friend unexpectedly at a seminar in another state. The laughter was flowing and I am sitting here just thinking of how fortunate I am for the relationships that I have been blessed with!

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