Toast to the TaTas…

“The greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals”  ~Rensis Likert~

mom article on shakopee

Author: Ruth S. Huss (“Mom” to me)

Shakopee Valley News, July 1958

I have struggled since I woke up at 4:00am, trying to get myself focused on what I would like to accomplish today.  I have two dry erase boards full of my to do items so you would think I could just jump in and get something productive done…I have a whole day to focus on getting some of those items erased from my board but it has honestly taken me 6 hours to wrap my head around what it is I want to be doing.

My mind kept going to two awesome women I had a chance to connect with this week.  One is someone who I have just met and the other is someone who I had worked with on a project several years ago but haven’t talked to her since that project ended.  Both are small business owners who have a deep passion for building their businesses.  They love what they do, believe in their products and services and each has their vision of what they want to carry out.  Just listening to each of them created an energy within me…isn’t it amazing how energy tends to flow from one person to another?  I am sure there is some scientific evidence that would refute the energy transference thing but I am convinced that energy flows out of us and into others if one is open to taking in new energy.

I am passionate about small business in America.  I am passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer.  That is why I am working with some small business owners to create an event that will not only raise funds for my team who is running/walking in our local Race for the Cure on Mother’s Day but we will also be creating a great buzz and energy for our local small businesses.

Today,  I will create my plan for reaching out to local business owners to garner their support and engagement to be a part of this event…, small business owners who will be loyal to our group and be motivated to make April 27, 2013 a day that this community will remember!  So how do I create loyalty with several people I have never met?

  1. There needs to be a sense of purpose…a vision…that everyone can ascribe to
  2. There needs to be benefit to all, it cannot be about individual agendas
  3. They need to know that this is about being supportive, not competitive with each other
  4. They need to commit to and believe that everyone will do as they say they are going to do…
  5. They need to know that the team will tap into everyone’s talents and expertise…shared leadership vs. a solo act
  6. They need to believe…believe in themselves and their community

So off I go to begin my journey in creating loyalty…celebrating the Girls Night Out with a Toast to the TaTas!

Since I am a novice at this event planning gig… does anyone have any suggestions to help our group make this a great success?  Please share if you do!

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