Worn out Shoes…

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I decided to use my A.A.C.T. Today® model on myself this morning to see if I could gain some clarity into what I want to focus on today (for both my blog post and my activities for the day).  As I was using the model to assess my personal challenge(s) that I want to change,  I started thinking about how today’s personal focus is also going to marry up pretty well with what my focus is going to be in my leadership role during the work week this coming week…

A.A.C.T. Today®

Assess. Adjust. Commit. Transform


What am I looking for?  I am looking to get back into running shape so that I can run 4  miles a day at least three times per week.

What’s working for me?  The ability to get outside a little more (our Minnesota single digit and below freezing temps are slowing moving onward – thank goodness).

What’s not working so hot? What are my challenges?  My shoes are not as comfy as they were a year ago… I have put on a lot of miles and I am definitely noticing a bit less support as I am running.  I also have an issue running on my treadmill (well, two issues actually… first I hate running on a treadmill, and secondly,  my treadmill really doesn’t have any give on the platform/belt.  So the result of what isn’t working so great for me is that I am distracted from what I love when I run (processing thoughts,  tapping into my mental creativity, being present in my environment… noticing all of the beauty that surrounds me when I am outside).  I am so focused on how my feet are just not feeling right


What have I tried already to change the issue?  I have started doing interval running on the treadmill so that I change up my routine and not get so bored.  I also have placed the treadmill belt in the least firm position.   I have tried some other, less worn, running shoes to see if they would help and have decided that  I definitely need some shoes that are going to be more comfortable to continue my treadmill regimen and to get to my 4 mile per day goal.

What resources do I need?  I need someone who knows shoes better than I do.


What actions am I going to take and by when?  I am going to go to my local running shoe store this afternoon and have them fit me for the right shoe for the right situation (outside running or treadmill).  I just might have to break down and have two pairs of shoes to support me in reaching my goal.


I will be measuring my running results (endurance, speed, discomfort and frequency) to see what type of improvement I am seeing (and feeling) with better shoes.

So what does this have to do with my leadership this week? 

Assess:  What am I looking for?  To sustain the great results we were able to achieve last year in my department (much like wanting to achieve a 4 mile run on a regular basis).  What’s working?  I have a very engaged group of mid-level managers who support me, resulting in an engaged and committed workforce.  What am I concerned about?  It is easy to become complacent… structure can break down (just like well-worn shoes).

Adjust:  Changing up our model slightly (our shoes/our training plan) to create focus on how we can improve even though we are still executing (I am still able to run 3 miles in my old shoes but my endurance and speed are not where I would like it to be).

We need to tap into our expert resources to determine what structure(s) will work best… matching up our more difficult activities (claims) with another level of expertise.  Not that my current folks are not experts but just as with well worn shoes,  if we keep wearing those same shoes day in and day out, they lose the structure and support to keep our feet healthy. Changing up job responsibilities or activities within jobs allows a person to be more creative, learn new things, bringing a little renewed life and health back into an organization.

Commit: We need to have a plan that utilizes S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based).  The plan should tap into the experts’ knowledge (our claim associates) to find the right fit for the types of claims we are encountering.  Very much like my plan to go to a running shoe store, finding the right shoes for the types of surface I will be running on.

Transform:  Transformation happens when we change things up, however, we may not realize (see) the change because we are so focused on how we are actively trying to move ourselves out of our cocoons (paradigm).  Measures are great tools to be able to objectively see the progress of our actions.  In our claims organization,  we need to measure our outcomes (efficiencies and effectiveness).  In my running goals, I need to measure how I have improved my time, my distance, my physical response(s).

Are you ready to A.A.C.T. Today®?  If you are, please contact me through my website at http://www.patcoach.com and we can discuss how coaching could support you in putting one foot in front of the other as you run down the road to achieve your goals!

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