Pretty in Pink

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-Helen Keller

October 2011… a friend died.  Her physical body left us after waging a tremendous battle against a formidable foe… breast cancer.  For over a year before she passed,  she shared her journey through mass text messages and emails as she travelled hundreds of miles for treatment in another state.  Her messages were always upbeat and I would literally cry with joy when I read a message from her that her scans showed improvement.

She would talk about the flowers and budding trees as the first signs of Spring approached,  the excitement of getting ready to head to the lake for the summer and  the gratefulness she had for her supportive family and friends.  There were the messages of hope even when her heart had to be breaking because the tumors would return.  The chemo would appear to work…scans would improve…hope and joyfulness would return…then BAM, the devastating news returned…the cancer wasn’t going to give her a break.

I was fortunate to be able to spend a little time with her a few days before she passed.  I was able to hold her hand, tell her how much we loved her.  I was able to hold her hand, stroke her fingers and just sit quietly…nothing to say,  just watching her as I was flooded with memories.

I went home that afternoon,  threw on my running shoes and felt her spirit totally surrounding me, as one foot moved in front of the other as I ran down the gravel road.  I remember being so in tune with my surroundings… the blue sky, the white puffy clouds, the horses in the meadow,  the leaves on the forest trees…so peaceful…

The Spring after she died,  I found myself becoming the Captain of our first Race for the Cure team at work.  I found myself taking the lead with a co-worker in creating a fund raising event within a six week period of time that would include a fashion show with models who were beautiful women (young and old) who have survived cancer.  I found myself with more energy and passion than I had felt in years.  Why?

I was focused on HOPE.  I was focused on honoring those who have endured great pain and suffering to survive… and I was focused on allowing the spirit of Kimmy Kay to guide me in making a difference in some small way.

We are now planning our second annual Race for the Cure fund raising event and those same feelings I had last year are coming back full force.  The excitement and the passion to be a part of something that creates HOPE is better than any drug on the market.  To be able to honor those who have fought with courage, those who fought with grace,  those who always smiled regardless of the depth of their sadness or pain…

Yeah, nothin’ could be better…

Do you have a cause that creates an overwhelming sense of excitement and passion within you?

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