Smooth Sailing…

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I love to look for quotes and finding ones that are just meant for me to begin my writing for my blog and I found this one a few minutes ago … it is the perfect segue into my post tonight!

“In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks”

-Warren Buffet-

On Sunday evening,  my computer got sick… a nasty old virus that put it out of commission.  As fellow bloggers might relate to,  it was a wee bit frustrating to be totally locked out of my access to the web (and for those who know me,  a wee bit is more of a major “OH NO” type of event).

I have been thinking of making the change from my HP to a Mac for sometime now because I love the user-friendliness of my iPhone and we have an iPad that my husband and I had bought as our gift to each other two Christmas’ ago.  The few times that I have actually been able to use the iPad (because my hubby tends to keep it in up close and personal to himself most evenings when he sits at the kitchen counter), I found it just as user friendly as my iPhone.  So as my old computer (all of four years) has started to misbehave more and more as it is getting older (mischievously draining a full battery in less than an hour, or taking its own sweet time getting awake when I am calling it to wake up),  I have considered making what I consider a pretty big change.

Last night after work, I went to my local Best Buy store and made the plunge… as Mr. Buffet predicted, devoting time and energy into changing my vessel was far more productive than the energy I have expended in fixing the leaks.  Did it take me a few hours of my time to go to the store, look at my options,  visit with my new Best Buy “Bud”, and have a brief one-on-one tutorial by my Geek Squad Guy? Yes,  it took a few hours of my time but by the time I got home, took off my coat, kicked off my shoes and fired up my new MacBook Air, I knew without a doubt that all of my time, energy (oh yeah…, and a bit of cash) were well worth it.  This thing is Sweeeeeet!

I have to admit,  I was a bit scared to make this change… what if I really hated this new laptop?

I pulled out a booklet off of my shelf written by Price Pritchett and Ron Pound Business as Unusual.  As I was flipping through the little book,  my eyes landed on the following:

Change can be aggravating, confusing, and stressful.  Look at it as a test of your emotional resilience. Anybody can be cheerful when things are rosy.  The question is, when circumstances really test your ability to perform as a leader, will you measure up?  Will you be the right kind of role model?

I don’t know if I would have score very high on my emotional resilience test Sunday night but today,  I feel like I aced the exam!

What are some situations in which you find yourself a bit lacking in resilience for change?  What do you do to get yourself  in a positive space with the change?

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