From Fog to Focus: Obtaining your B.A.

foggy forest

I was working with a small business owner the other day and I walked away  from that conversation with a sense that she is so busy building and running her day-to-day business,  that she is overwhelmed … pure and simple.  She is juggling balls titled Boss, Mentor, Marketing & Sales, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director and being a paid Employee. You name it … she does it.  As a fairly new business owner (business opened about two years ago),  she has already added on new employees,  expanded the square footage of her physical space, increased her service offerings , and has new customers coming through the door on a regular basis.  Sounds like a pretty successful start-up operation to me!

As with any business owner, she realized that she needs to continue to assess her business to determine if there are things to change or enhance in order to stay competitive.  However,  trying to figure out what to focus on can be daunting.  The old adage it is hard to see the forest through the trees comes to mind.  With so much to focus on, it is hard to see the bigger picture…

I have developed a program entitled A.A.C.T. Today® (Assess. Adjust. Commit. Transform.)  that can assist in completing a business analysis whether you are a small business owner, CEO of a major corporation, a manager, team leader or a VP.  This analysis can help lift some of the fog, creating some clarity on where to focus your valuable time – what areas that you determine are most important to change or enhance.

The first step in the A.A.C.T. Today® program is to rate your satisfaction in the following areas:

  1. Company Vision
  2. Financial Status
  3. Employees
  4. Customers
  5. Personal Satisfaction
  6. Physical Work Environment
  7. Support System

Once you have obtained your B.A., it will become clearer on what areas you want to focus on and deciding the next actions you want to take to reach the Master level of your business!

Visit my website at if you have the desire to A.A.C.T. Today® to complete your B.A. (Business Analysis) and come up with your plan to create the changes you want to take to move your business to its level.

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