The Taj Mahal block by block…

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
Phil Jackson


This week, my team and I did a little team building exercise…and I mean building in the literal sense!   The co-leader for this project and I had taken a list of character strengths and determined which strengths we felt would be important to build our team’s Taj Mahal  of our industry.  We are seeking to be the premier and the finest example in our field of business. Before our team meeting, each of us had taken a survey that assessed our individual character strengths to use as building blocks for our Taj Mahal.

The first part of the exercise was for each of us to use our own blocks to build our individual structure.  As you can see above,  my structure was pretty darn weak…not sure anyone would be wanting to walk through that doorway – one bump to the door frame and my kindness and generosity would crush someone.  I didn’t have a stable base to my archway by any means.

My structure also was full of holes so the walls did not offer much protection from an external elements. I could see how the winds of change could definitely create chaos and damage similar to a tornado or hurricane with my fairly weak structure.  I consider myself a pretty good leader so seeing my measly little building was a bit humbling to say the least…

After we had all taken a stab at building our mini Taj Mahal’s and assessing what strengths each of us had in abundance and those that we could possibly enhance a little,  we destroyed our individual buildings and moved to resurrect a new structure,  using all of our strengths as a combined group of building blocks:


Our new Taj Mahal was amazing!  We had double, tripled and quadrupled our strengths to build a structure with high integrity that could withstand any external elements that may try to blow it down.

As a leader,  I know that I need to surround myself with those who have greater strengths than I.  Those who compliment me. Those who are willing to build something with me.  Yes, I am fortunate to have such a group of people working with me each and every day…all with varying degrees of the strengths that are needed to be the premier in our industry.

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

What are some great team exercises that you have used to create an “AHA” moment for the team?

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  1. A truthful and necessary concept in leadership and teamwork. I so enjoy reading your posts; they always result in getting my thought processes churning!

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