Today I was acknowledged…

I have an interest in volunteering for an organization that runs a camp for children who are in the grieving process due to the death of a loved one.  Part of the application process is to have two letters of recommendation submitted with the application form.  I had asked two people I work with if they would be willing to write up a recommendation for me and today they gave me their letters of recommendation.

I read both letters and I was so touched that two people who I have such a high regard for, would say such honoring things about me.  Not so much about what I do or have done but more about who I am.  Reading their acknowledgements of me inspires me to strive to continue to be an even better person and to contribute more to others, using my strengths and talents to really make a difference in others’ lives.

When I came home from work today, my son stopped by for a visit and he shared an email that he had just received from his new boss.  His boss wrote an incredible acknowledgment,  focusing on what my son’s contributions are to his new employer.  It was about who my son is, not just about what he has done in this new job.  I could see in my son’s face and I could hear in his voice,  that he is even more charged up to do a great job at this new gig of his.

An acknowledgement is not the same as being thanked for something we may have done.  An acknowledgement is really honoring who we are…

If you are a leader in an organization imagine what type of results you could see by seeking out to understand the strengths each of your employees bring to the table and you take the time to acknowledge every one of them individually…

If you are a parent imagine the look on your child’s face and the raised self-esteem if they were acknowledged for the positive traits they have within…

If you are a spouse, imagine how powerful it could be to take the time to acknowledge your partner and embracing those qualities you fell in love with…

So who have you acknowledged today?

Who might you acknowledge tomorrow?

Namaste (the spirit in me salutes the spirit in you)

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