Feeding the Fever…Feeling Fat


We have been battling a buffalo sized flu bug in my house since New Year’s Day (upper respiratory – not the stomach variety). Since I have what I consider a cast-iron stomach when it comes to putting food in, when I am sick and feeling all sorry for myself, I eat comfort food and lots of it!  So I have indulged myself in Pizza, Nachos covered with cheese and sausage dip, take out Chinese (sesame chicken, fried egg roles, cream cheese wontons, potstickers)…all of the food types I normally would steer away from (or at least not eat them back to back) when I am feeling health and fit.

So it is time to take stock in the damage I have done for my quest for weight maintenance over this winter and determine some actions to get back on track:

I use a great free phone application called Lose It!  I have been tracking my food intake and exercise levels for the past 27 weeks after I was doing some serious reading one day in my weekly PEOPLE magazine…some actor mentioned how this application helped him lose some weight so I checked it out.  Heck, if some not so famous, famous guy is using it, why wouldn’t I?

I am one that some people may say is a bit obsessive-compulsive at times, going into something new with an all consuming interest which quickly wanes because I also tend to be impulsive about the latest fads and gadgets…maybe it is my ADD traits versus OCD?  Ok, back to what I was discussing…I have used my LoseIt! app. for 27 weeks, never missing a day.  I have lost a total of 10# over that time and I have been maintaining that weight over the holidays until this week hit. I like this particular app. because it sends me a message if I have forgotten to log a meal.  It also sends me “badges” giving me kudos when I have tracked consistently for so many days, or I have lost a certain number of pounds and I frankly like that positive attention even if it is coming from an electronic gadget! As the eternal optimist that I am, I know I can get back on track and get back to balancing my calories in/calories out each day.

A stumble may prevent a fall”  – Old English Proverb

In the most recent (Feb 2013) issue of Consumer Reports, the article Lose weight your way”, gives some great information on how readers rated 13 diet plans and tools.  They found that MyFitnessPal, another free smart-phone app was rated higher than any of the more commercial type weight loss plans. Why?

Tracking our intake allows us to monitor our own food intake and our physical activity, allowing us to not be fooled into thinking we are doing more (exercise) or less (eating) than what is factually going on.  Tracking also helps us to change our behaviors because we can see where some of our stumbles are occurring before we take a big fall.

So today,  I am feeling a little improved from the flu so I am going to:

  1. Weigh myself to get my baseline and enter it into my phone.
  2. Eat healthy and in quantities that are within my calorie budget for the day and enter it into my phone.
  3. Do a little exercise, maybe take a walk or get on my elliptical for 30 minutes and enter it into my phone.
  4. Give myself a pat on the back at the end of the day for sticking to the plan!

“We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough”

-Helen Keller

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