Are you ready for your personal Renaissance?

I have had the great opportunity to get to know Dr. Diane Dreher, PhD, who hails from Santa Clara University.  She has taken her knowledge from Renaissance literature and combined it with a wonderful, easy to relate to style of writing to write a great book called Your Personal Renaissance  – 12 Steps to Finding Your Life’s TruCalling.

What is a Renaissance?  Per Dr. Dreher, it means “a rebirth of faith in our potential, a belief that what we do matters”.

Seems to be me that going into a New Year is a great time to reflect upon how we might like to experience a rebirth within ourselves.  

  • How many of you are feeling a little stuck in what you are doing day to day?
  • Do you bound out of bed each day excited to meet whatever comes your way with energy and purpose or is it a sluggish “I don’t feel like getting up” attitude that greets you each morning?

I would bet that most of us at some time in our lives find ourselves not living the Renaissance Life,  either not ever knowing or forgetting where our true passion and calling is.

Dr. Dreher outlines the Renaissance Principles that I thought may peak your interest as you are moving into 2013:

 – Your calling is your vocation of destiny, bringing greater joy and meaning to life.

 –  Your daily choices shape your life and inform the world.

 – There is a part of you that is forever young, playful, curious, and true that leads to your calling.

– Detach from the noisy world around you to follow the deepest values of your heart.

 – You are here to discover your gifts and use them to fulfill your destiny.

Discernment means following what inspires you and releasing what diminishes you.

– You excel by focusing on your strengths, not dwelling on your weaknesses.

 – New Renaissance men and women affirm creative growth for themselves and one another.

– Small actions over time produce monumental results.

– When you reach out to follow your calling, the universe supports you with a world of possibilities.

If you are looking for a little “me pick up” by identifying your passion, strengths and your true calling in life, pick up a pen and paper and start journaling away as you reflect on each chapter and do the exercises Dr. Dreher suggests throughout the book.  Who knows – maybe tomorrow,  you will leap from your bed with joyful impatience to continue your journey of positive self-reflection?

Happy 2013 to all of you, Stay Safe and Be Happy!


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