Leading for High Performance

I am bringing my leadership team together in mid-January for a two-day planning session and I have been reflecting on what we have accomplished in the past 36 months:

  • We built a new service model
  • We Integrated two organizational cultures post-acquisition
  • We re-aligned our structure to fit with the new service model
  • We made some adjustments to the new structure and process
  • We made some more adjustments to the structure and process…
  • We made some more adjustments to the structure and process…
  • We integrated new and existing vendors into the newly designed framework
  • We successfully integrated all of the above and have had amazing and consistent results especially over the past 12 months

What did I learn?  I learned that taking the lead is not an easy road at times.  We started down one road and had to back up slightly to re-pave the surface when cracks in the base structure occurred.  When we encountered the need to do some road construction, we had to take a few detours to get back on the right track.  We weathered our fair share of storms which caused some slipping and sliding along the way.

Reviewing our past has helped me think about my leadership – what worked well, what I could have done differently, and how I can be a better leader going forward.  The following is my map for being an effective leader:

  • Live values 
  • Empower others
  • Ask for ideas and feedback
  • Direct the course
  • Effectively communicate
  • Respond 

Last but not least, we need to surround ourselves with great people.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by a group of people who have various strengths which really complement those areas that I am not an expert in.  They helped me figure out the right turns, preventing us from veering too far off in a wrong direction – in other words,  they made sure I did not lead us into trouble when I was in unfamiliar territory.

What are some other leadership qualities that you have found effective in leading to great results?Image


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